Open Web Awards Nominations Open


Nominations for the Open Web Awards have opened up today. The Open Web Awards is the first ever online, open collaborative awards event, to recognize the best online communities representing web 2.0. Today’s nominations center around Widgets and Applications.

To nominate a widget or application, leave a comment with the word “NOMINATE” in it. Nominations will remain open until 11:59pm PST on December 4th (next Tuesday). At that point, we will tally up the nominations and enter the second stage of the competition – voting.

Nominations are taking place at THIS POST on I ended up nominating Cliqin and their associated widget. Other than the MyBlogLog widget, I can’t have much of a say in terms of nominating other widgets or applications because I don’t use them!

Digg Labs ScreenSaver LogoDigg has turned their popular Digg Labs applications into desktop screensavers. The applications can be downloaded from their respective pages:

The screensavers are available for Mac and Windows users and include Adobe Flash 9 if you don’t have it installed. On the Mac you’ll need at least OSX 10.4 and on Windows you need either Windows XP or Vista. I personally enjoy watching the STACK as it looks like it’s raining Diggs.