10 Links Till Midnight

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How Does It Work?

10Links.Net is powered by a simple idea. A front page with 10 links on it, one of which could be yours. Every day at 12 AM CST users submit there sites as fast as possible to 10links.net and the first 10 legitimate links that make it into their system are the ones that become displayed on their front page for 24 hours. Simple concept, but I think it will work and gain in popularity.

You may submit as many times as you like and there is no limit to the number of days in a row you could be in the top ten. In fact, 10Links.Net may give out prizes later down the road to those who can maintain a front page presence.

10Links provides a reminder service which will send you an email one hour before midnight. I would advise you to sit on the submit page with your information already filled out so that when midnight arrives, you simply click the submit button and hope for the best. Once the day of links is over with, they are moved into the Archive to forever be preserved on the internets. So asides from the initial boost in traffic, there is a chance that you can receive residual traffic from their archives. You can keep up to date as to who makes the front page by subscribing to their RSS feed.


Simple idea, with simple execution. Considering this site is brand spanking new, I am not sure how much traffic your site would receive if you did make the top 10, but considering the first two days of links have filled up, their are enough people out their submitting links which has created quite a bit of competition. I’d love to see a traffic log or graphic of 10Links.NET, especially around the midnight hour. I’ll be giving the service try myself on Friday night. Probably not the best time to give it a shot but it’s worth a try.