Fly Away

I’ve been struggling a lot with working from home lately. Loss of focus, desire, and endless distractions. Today, I finally went to a place that always channels my ability to work.

I’m enjoying delicious french onion soup, my favorite beer, and the occasional trains going by. I feel content, am focused on my work, and wondering how I can replicate this feeling at home.

Oh, as I write this, ‘Fly Away’ by Lenny Kravitz is on the radio. I don’t know, it seems ironic considering my mindset lately.

3 thoughts on “Fly Away

  1. Jeff Matson says:

    The key is to remove distractions. Turn off all notifications, close all non-work-related tabs, and get shit done. A coworking space may be best for you.

    • Well, we only have one car that’s under a lease and my wife doesn’t get home from work until 2PM. So it only makes sense to work from here maybe once a week which has been tough to do lately.

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