Having an Open Mind

Having an open mind is probably the single greatest thing I have. I’m able to listen and discern arguments against specific topics and although I have my own beliefs, I’ve discovered they’re easily changed based on conversations I have.

I’m not opinionated in my political beliefs which means I can be easily swayed. I don’t think this is a bad thing because I get to hear both sides of the argument and compare the two. I end up with a conclusion of my own but even then, all it takes is for a good argument to put my thoughts and beliefs into question.

This mindset has helped me throughout my career because it means I’m not stuck on a particular path. I can be influenced but I always consider the experiences people share with me and use them in my overall thought process.

I think it’s bad to be too personally opinionated as it shuts off part of the brain to be able to comprehend what others think and have experienced. If you’re unwilling to hear the other side of the story, then what’s the point? At that point, all your doing is serving you’re own self interests.

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