How I Save Money Using AT&T Services

I’ve been an AT&T Uverse customer for a few years. The service has been great and I have no complaints. When I signed up for Uverse internet, I received an introductory rate for a one year commitment. Once the year was up, the rate increased to the normal price.

In order to cancel a service, you need to speak with a rep so they can figure out why you’re cancelling and provide anything possible to keep you as a customer. Just to see what would happen, I called AT&T to cancel my service.

I spoke to a friendly lady and explained that I was receiving offers from TWC, Comcast, and others for equal services but at a great introductory rate of around $30 for two years. I told them that I had no problems with my Uverse service but paying $56 per month had me considering switching. I asked if there was anything they could do to lower my bill as I’d prefer to not leave them.

After crunching some numbers, they had two offers. One would allow me to keep my same internet speed and lower the bill by $10 a month. I almost went with this plan but the service rep told me if I wanted the lowest price possible without bundling any other services, I should take advantage of the manager special. The manager special bumped up my internet speed to 18Mb for $30 per month if I agreed to a one year commitment. Of course, I went with the manager special.

These big service providers like AT&T will do almost anything to keep customers. I know that and use it to my advantage. So far, I’ve been able to avoid paying regular price since I became a Uverse customer. After this one year commitment is up, I’m going to call them back and re-negotiate a new plan that avoids paying regular price.

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