90s Kids Win, Surge Is Back Baby

Surge In 12 Packs

Surge Available In 12 Packs

The soda I used to drink by the 2 liter in the 90s is coming back. Surge, produced by Coca-Cola, is available exclusively on Amazon.com. Since coming back, the product has sold out at least twice. For once, a huge brand has listened to their customers and brought back a product people are dyeing to buy.

The movement to bring back Surge is largely thanks to a large Facebook group named The Surge Movement. Formed in 2011 and with over 140K likes, the group and its members have been instrumental in bringing back the fizzy beverage. Watch as the three administrators of the group announce the return of Surge from Coca-Cola headquarters.

I loved this stuff as a kid and would drink it by the 2 liter during the hot summers. Maybe that explains a few things but I digress. I’m waiting for it to come back in stock so I can relive the 90s one 16 fluid ounce can at a time.

Now is the time for PepsiCo to relaunch a 90s brand of their own in Josta. They too have a Facebook page and campaign to bring it back but it’s not as popular. There is renewed hope however that with the return of Surge, Josta can return as well. Although it’s crappy quality, here is a commercial for it from the 90s.

This stuff had a unique, fruity flavor thanks to the Gurana Berries used. These berries are also the reason it was labeled as a high-energy drink. Its seeds contain about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee beans (about 2–4.5% caffeine in guarana seeds compared to 1–2% for coffee beans). Nothing in the soda market today tastes like Josta.

One reason PepsiCo may not bring back Josta is because it could eat into their Mountain Dew segment of the market. However, since it’s a totally different soda with a unique taste, I don’t see why the company can’t offer both.

At the end of the day, the 90s kids have a victory to cheer about!

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