I Have Symptoms Of Imposter Syndrome

I just finished watched Chris Lema’s presentation on escaping the imposter syndrome and I think I’ve been diagnosed. I have many of the symptoms he talks about such as immediately deflecting praise or compliments to someone else. I call it being humble, apparently it’s part of imposter syndrome. That’s just who I am as a person but I’d rather not devalue the amount of effort and work I put into the things I do.

There’s always a reason for any success I encounter such as someone else did the work or I just got lucky. Looks like I need to cut the bull crap and just accept the accomplishments and be happy about them instead of passing them off to someone else.

I have no problem telling someone I don’t know when asked something I don’t know. It’s all the other stuff mentioned in the video I have a problem dealing with. There’s a lot of great stuff in this presentation. Not all of it applies to me but I at least know I have symptoms related to imposter syndrome.

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