iThemes Announces Strategic Partnership With Crowd Favorite

Over the past few years, iThemes founder and CEO, Cory Miller, has structured the company, its culture and the way he does business around a memorable African proverb.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

As an example of that proverb in action, iThemes and Crowd Favorite have announced a joint-venture partnership. An advisory board with key executives from each company will work together to prepare iThemes Sync, Security, Exchange, and BackupBuddy to enter the enterprise market. Crowd Favorite CTO, Chris Lema, has yet to start his new job and is already creating lasting relationships between companies.

iThemes Continues To Mature as a Company

Go Far Together

Go Far Together

In late 2009, I published an article on the Tavern that highlighted iThemes response to speculation that the company was stagnating. Miller took the speculation to heart and responded to it on the company blog. I think his blog post in 2009 is one of the pivotal turning points for iThemes.

After that post was published, I sensed a renewed fire in Miller and the company began releasing innovative products such as Flexx and Builder. iThemes diversified its products by offering commercial plugins with PluginBuddy. The company also provided training through

All of this to say that I’ve had the pleasure to watch iThemes mature as a company from the outside looking in. They’re moving, shaking, and making things happen by creating great products. The joint-venture partnership is yet another example of how the company is going far together, instead of alone.


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