The Great Hornsby

Ended up getting quite a bit done today. I finished up the process of re screening the four windows in the kitchen. I managed to install a new dryer vent that is louvered so that it’s closed when the dryer is off and open when it’s on. I then proceeded to caulk the connection point between the brick and the dryer vent but because I caulked first before putting the dryer vent in place, I broke the seal and ended up getting caulk where it wasn’t supposed to go. I should have screwed the vent into the brick and then caulked. Regardless, I have a lot of practice to do to get the caulking technique down pat. Last but not least, I finally talked my fiancee into getting this big barrel out of the garage and thus, out of my way. He was found at the other house we are trying to sell and is now in the garden with a flower pot on top. I’m pretty happy that he’s out of my way. Oh, and if you’re wondering about what the great hornsby is, it’s the name my fiancee gave to the barrel.

The Great Hornsby Barrel

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