The Blast Dot FM

I have no idea how I first came across this online station but I’m glad I did. It’s TheBlast.FM It’s a Christian rock radio station that plays progressive and aggressive tunes 24/7. I’m a fan of hard rock and this is right up my ally. Sure, a lot of the songs have religious sounding lyrics but it doesn’t affect the quality of the music.

I listen to the station for the good tunes, not for the religious aspects of it. I’d also like to mention that listening to music where NOT every third word is an expletive has been refreshing to my ears. Through TheBlast.FM, I’ve purchased music from bands such as RED, Skillet, Falling Up, Ever Stays Red, and Anberlin. I’ve yet to donate to the station but that will change in the near future. Colin Cruz is doing an excellent job with the station and I hope he keeps playing new, rocking tunes from these awesome bands.

I work best when I’m jamming out to TheBlast.FM.

2 thoughts on “The Blast Dot FM

  1. Damn Hairy Human says:

    The Blast, like in a blast from the furnace of hell? Or is it The Blast like in a “blast from the past” given the age of the Bible.

  2. As in…

    Blasting out the Word of GOD to warn people about hell.

    God’s enemies will not stand in the judgment just as the attacking Egyptians lost out when they chased the Israelites through the Divinely parted Red Sea…

    At the BLAST of God’s nostrils the waters piled up;
    the floods stood up in a heap; the deeps congealed in the heart of the sea. (EXODUS 15:8)

    It’s a Blast from eternity past…from the present…AND from eternity future…inspired by the eternally existent GOD who stands outside the space-time continuum, yet lovingly sent His only Son JESUS to die in our place and rise victoriously from the dead, making a way for us who surrender to Him to receive forgiveness of our sins and enjoy eternity in paradise.

    GOD wants to be your friend. JESUS is the ONLY bridge to that friendship.

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