A Tooth For An Eye

This is one of those WTF, cool stories I discovered on Twitter. This man after being blind for 12 years due to a tub of white hot aluminum exploding in his face finally regained sight thanks to a unique operation which involved one of his teeth.

The procedure began when one of Mr Jones’ canine teeth was removed and converted into a holder for a special optical lens by drilling a hole in it. The tooth was then inserted into his cheek for three months to enable it to grow new tissue and blood vessels. Then finally came the delicate operation to insert the tooth, complete with the fitted lens into Mr Jones’ right eyeball. Within two weeks of the final operation to implant the tooth in his eyeball his sight returned and he was told he had almost perfect vision in his right eye.

It was pretty funny to read that when the guy saw a smart car, he thought it was a normal car chopped in half. Check out the article simply to see the picture of this guys eye which is a tooth with a lens in it. Reminds me a little bit of the Terminator.

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