Hello? Can Anyone Hear Me?

Hey there. Long time no see! If you’re reading this post on the actual site, you’ll see I’ve gone through a bit of a redesign. Also check out the new domain name! Spiffy eh? I plan on getting back to my roots and publishing what I want to publish instead of obeying an audience. I’ve had alot of things on my chest but have had no where to publish them. Jeffro2pt0.com built an audience expecting WordPress stuff, icons, news, with a mix of personal stuff. Now, Jeffc.me will be all about me. No barriers, no constraints, just saying what I want, when I want.

So what I’m wondering is, can anyone hear me? Are you still around?

6 thoughts on “Hello? Can Anyone Hear Me?

  1. Hey Jeff! I can hear you …not sure that I can spend all day on it!

    I think you’re a bit like my youngest son. Aaron loves the act, the doing — the planning and the building of something. Once the job’s finished, his interest moves on to a new project. He’d spend a week happily building a hutch for his ferret. As a soon as the ferret moved in, Aaron was out in the woods building a treehouse. That all sounds like someone I know with domains, websites and podcasts…

    …as they say, “Love the show!”
    Your internets friend, Shepherd Jim

    Shepherd Jim’s last blog post..Head Shepherd Pam on the road

  2. Nice domain name. Best of luck to you with the new format. Write what you know.

    What’s with my ugly icon?!? How can I change that into a cool pic like everybody else has?

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