WPTavern Updates

Just wanted to pass along a few updates for those wondering about the progression of WPTavern.

The domain is up and running with a fresh install of WordPress 2.7. The first plugin I installed was Maintenance Mode so that I can work on the site in public without the dust getting in everyones eyes. Next up, I tried my best to install PHPBB3 but for whatever reason, I couldn’t get the installation to accept my Database credentials. I tried every combination known to man. After 30 minutes of trying to figure it out, I went and installed Simple Press which was recommend to me via Steve Hodson of WinExtra.com.

The installation was flawless and I’m going to give this a go. Now, I have to go through and configure the WordPress installation to my liking and then the next thing on my list is to work on the design for the site. Once I get the design finished which is going to be a variation of the one used on this site, I will incorporate the site design into the forums. Once that is finished, I will look at installing plugins for the site and getting the functionality I want up to snuff. During this time, I will also be trying to get my hands on OIO Publisher to manage advertising on the site. I’m hoping to have WPTavern publicly launched in *BETA* form by February 1st. Time will tell though if I’ll be able to make that deadline.

Last but not least, I have created a Twitter account for the site. Please follow @wptavern on Twitter as that will my method of communication to fans of the site. I’ll also be setting up the RSS feed to publish to Twitter for all articles published on the site.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support. At this time, if anyone feels like they will be able to contribute some of their time to help me manage the WPTavern community via the forum, let me know as I want a few moderators already in place before the site launches.

9 thoughts on “WPTavern Updates

  1. Hey Jeffro, Shoot me an email if you need anything for the site. I’d be happy to help out in the forums. And good choice with Simple:Press forum plugin. It’s a great one!

  2. I’ve been using Simple:Press on two site I’m running since its early release (its name was SimpleForum at that time) and I can tell it’s a good choice you made there :)

    Good luck for your project !

  3. Can’t wait for launch! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    As far as PHPBB, you can actually install it via Fantastico now which makes it instantaneous and easy. I don’t know enough about Simple Press to comment on it unfortunately, but i look forward to checking out the completed product. :)

  4. Ed says:

    Jeff — I suggest integrating bbpress with WPTavern. After spending a couple days, I now use bbpress as my forum. Let me know if you want any help.

  5. @Justin – I wish it were live already. Getting tired of thinking about ideas and just want to implement them.

    @Flick – As it turns out, there are a slew of forum packages that I could have installed. I just happen to have SimplePress next in line. As of right now, I don’t mind everything being package and administered through WordPress.

    @Conorp – Thanks. Stick around, I may ask for help at some point.

    @John Kolbert – Funny, I saw your name pop up under the list of people who have donated to the Simple Press forum. Must have been THAT good :)

    @Many – Thanks for confirming the good decision. Only time will tell now.

    @Kyle Eslick – Thanks Kyle. I could have installed PHPBB3 via Fantastico but you know, perhaps this will all work out and it’s for the better. Personally, I’d install VB if I had bought an owned copy of it a long time ago but oh well. I’ll stick with simple as in Simple Press for now to see how it goes.

    @Ed – Well, I did think about using BBPress and almost decided to go with it but after thinking about it, I realized that after I installed the plugins which provided the functionality I wanted, I’d end up with PHPBB3 or a comparable forum product. So why then should I spend all that time installing plugins when I can start with those features right off the bat?

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