My Semi Black Friday Experience

My first black Friday experience went fairly smoothly. A heck of a lot better than the Wal-Mart worker who was run over by hundreds of shoppers. Girlfriend picked me up at about 12:30 P.M. and we drove to Summit Mall. After meandering around the parking lot because their were no spaces, we happened to get lucky and found one. Considering we were all hungry and I don’t like shopping on an empty stomach, we stopped by the food court. Boy was this place packed. We almost couldn’t find a table!

Once the food was consumed, then came the shopping. My main goal was to try and purchase Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii. GameStop, FYE, and BestBuy all came up short. It looks like the Wii Fit and Mario Kart sold out at every store. So even though I didn’t get my Mario Kart, I decided to purchase RockBand for the Wii. It was only $109.00 and based on playing the game on display at BestBuy, will be a blast to play. I also purchased a rugged mouse pad which I’ve needed for quite some time. Now my laser mouse isn’t such a pain to work with considering I was using a wooden surface prior to the pad.

All in all, I didn’t go crazy by spending a load of cash and I managed to live to the tell the tale. I still can’t get over the fact that someone died because they were trampled by people running into the store but then again, half of me is not surprised. Hope your black Friday was a safe and enjoyable one.

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5 thoughts on “My Semi Black Friday Experience

  1. Joe Edwards says:

    So you stayed up all night, vulture-parked, forced down mall food at 1am, just to buy 2 video games and a mouse pad? Why? You could have bought Mario Kart months ago. If you felt the need to save a couple of bucks you could have preordered Mario Kart, turned around and sold it on ebay for 1.5 times the cost and then bought another copy saving about 40 percent, after ebay fees…..all from the comfort of you home.

    Why add to the hysteria of this shopping day? Why give Black Friday merit? These stores could have been doing sales a week before Thanksgiving without the need for all the theatrics … and now, deaths.

  2. @Joe Edwards – Nope, I didn’t do any of that. I got a full nights rest and I didn’t head out to the mall until about noon. This was my first time being part of the experience and I didn’t intend to buy anything that day but figured if I could pick up Mario Kart for the Wii, that it would be pretty good. They were out of stock so I’ll just get the game at a later date.

    I’ve never ventured out for black Friday before, this was the first time. My girlfriend just bought a few things and I ended up with two items and that is about it.

  3. My brother wants rock band for his Wii – let me know how you go with it :)

    Obviously, we don’t have black friday here. The only time we really get the horrid sales is on boxing day. Even then, I stay at home for the week and hope the crowds die down after a couple of days.

    *grumbles* not that I’d be able to afford anything this christmas :(

  4. I usually hit up Black Friday around 4pm when everyone else is tired from the early morning rush.

    Can still partake of the cultural experience without the overwhelming crowds.

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