Which Motrin Ad Is Offensive

First, we have the Motrin ad that seems to have enraged baby-wearing moms all across the country. I’m not a mom so it doesn’t really offend me that much but I have to say, the tone in the commercial comes across as if the viewer is dumb. Watch it for yourself and see if you’re offended by it.

Next we have a spoof on the original commercial with a totally different source of back pain. Let me know if this one was more offensive than the first.

One thing is for certain, the publics outcry from sites such as YouTube and Twitter forced the advertising agency that works with Motrin to pull the ad from their website along with their various media outlets. However, the ad is printed in magazines that are on news stands. I’m wondering if I should purchase one to save it as a collectible?

6 thoughts on “Which Motrin Ad Is Offensive

  1. Not offended but perhaps slightly puzzled. The first one seems slightly mistargetted to me. Possibly a tad condescending.

    I’m not sure where the satire is in the second one. It wasn’t offensive because it was just weak.

  2. @Andrew – Hmm. Well, I think the Motrin ad was offensive mostly to women in the U.S. However, the second ad was more of a spoof but women in the U.S. seem to have this thing for getting bigger boobs. I dunno how to explain it.

  3. I think some of the moms over reacted to the Motrin ad. Being a dad and carrying around my kids for an extended period of time makes me go hunting for some pain killer. As for the second video it gave me a good laugh. Thanks.

  4. I don’t know about offensive, but blatantly wrong?

    I have a bad back and live on painkillers, but when I carry my baby in a sling, rather than in my arms, my back hurts LESS. But I guess Moms are too stupid to figure that out.

    I’m sick of being spoken to like I’m stupid.

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