Wee For A Wii

Nintendo WiiWell, I finally managed to be at the right store at the right time and picked up the hard to catch Nintendo Wii. This thing has been eluding me since it’s launch over two years ago. When I went out with the girl last week, we happened to stop by Target which I was told by a friend at work had plenty of the consoles in stock. I think he is blind because Target was out of stock. So, the girl and I went over to the local mall and while walking around, I made a pitstop to GameStop. Thankfully, they had plenty in stock but when I looked at the price tag, I “REALLY” had to convince myself to make the purchase.

A recent episode of the Buzz Out Loud podcast produced by CNET recently described a news story that highlighted the fact that the Nintendo Wii continues to out pace consoles by 3 or 4 to 1. In fact, the Nintendo DS is in second place while Xbox takes third and Playstation takes fourth. I picked up a Wii because they were in stock and I’ve been wanting one for quite awhile. I believe there are many people in my situation where they couldn’t get a Wii due to its scarcity. That’s why I hopped on the opportunity and snatched one up.

Wii Bowling

Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase. Unlike consoles of the past where you had to use a gamepad type controller, this new way of interacting with games is a blast. It’s been really fun to have the entire family involved with the console where reflexes don’t mean as much as they used to. We’ve been enjoying Wii Bowling while I’ve personally enjoyed Wii Tennis. I have to tell you though, after playing Wii sports for six hours straight, every muscle on the right side of my body was aching. The Wii makes for a great way to get in shape and to perform physical activities inside the house while inches of snow fall outside.

I’d like to know what sort of experience have you had with the Wii, if you own one. Also, I’m taking suggestions on games I should purchase that the entire family can play. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving where the Wii will be the centerpiece of enjoyment. As a side note, my dad does a great job creating Miis. He made one that looks just like him which is hilarious to see in game.

4 thoughts on “Wee For A Wii

  1. Jade says:

    My brother has a Wii. He’s 15 and recently got a wii fit for his birthday. Personally, I couldn’t justify the price as the console represents about 6 months of serious saving. However, if my disposable income increased I’d definiitely get one.

    Its great for families. My parents verse us kids at bowling and people generally have a ball with it. The wii Fit looks really good too. I’d rather pay for a gym membership though and get a decent workout.

    I like Wii tennis but I had an incident involving the remote and the piano. Dad had managed to fix it via a youtube video.

    I don’t live with my folks so don’t have too much to comment on. I’m pretty sure you can get guitar hero on it, which is the only game I’m really passionate about.

    :)Apparantly videos of accidents involving plasma TV screens and wii remotes are quite viral.

  2. I have one too Fave games would be Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy (until you get to the bloody hard jumping level), and Geometry Wars Galaxies is a cool shoot em up. Boom Blox sucks, buggy and crap.
    De Blob is interesting, cool controls and ideas, but might get repetitive.

    There are tons of crap games. Makes sure you check reviews and subscribe to a few Wii blogs (Blogsearch for Wii, there are quite a few!)

    Wish I had time to play it more. What with offering free wp-super-cache support to irate users on Saturday evenings, I don’t have much free time. (joking, but I don’t have much free time with a baby in the house!)

  3. @Donncha O Caoimh – Yeah, I just picked up Mario Kart which was almost as hard as getting a Wii. So far, that game has been a blast although I still get wiped off the road when playing online. I wonder why they are all using bikes and leaving me behind.

    Super Mario Galaxy definitely looks interesting. I’m waiting on Rockband 2 for the Wii and hope it comes with loads more songs than the first.

    You’re right though, tons of crappy games for the Wii. I’ve been going to the GameSpot site and looking at reviews before purchasing any games.

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