Famous For All The Wrong Reasons

The following is an example of how the Internet can latch on to something totally unexpected and the end result is someone who is put into a royally disastrous situation. Meet Ellie who is 22 years old. According to Ellie, she gave permission for her friend to publish the photos of her modeling next to her friends car as seen within the first page of this Neowin forum thread. The pictures showcase a young woman, dressed in model type clothes but ends up not having the prettiest face in the world. For whatever reason, the net has caught on to these particular photos and now many are publishing photoshopped images to spread the joke around. Simply put, this young girl has become Internet famous but for all the wrong reasons.

Judging by the Neowin forum thread and various conversations spread amongst the net, many people don’t seem to have anything nice to say about this girl. Ellie actually published a response to the craze on her MySpace page that explains how she doesn’t care about the situation. I think it is rather hard not to care when the web is going crazy over photos of yourself spread across the web, many of which are parodies.

This is a stark reminder that no one knows what will take off on the net and become the next sensation. While many advertisers probably wish it was their product or service, it happened to be pictures of a not so pretty face. Too bad for Ellie, she has become an Internet meme that will live in infamy.

*Note* I’ve decided not to publish any photos as there are plenty of them out on the web for you to see. Type “Girlfriend model for my car” into Google to see what I mean.

6 thoughts on “Famous For All The Wrong Reasons

  1. This is the sad sad state of the ‘memes’ online. Disregard for anyone. If something get ‘approved’ by the croud, even if it’s just a little it blows up.

    This girl will need serious counseling for a very long time to get over this.

    This is not something that just “passes” believe me.


  2. I think this is quite telling about the state of our society.

    I certainly wonder how many of the detractors are looking for every little “defect” they can find in order to join a club of their peers, ridiculing others, all trying to detract from their own loneliness?

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