Woopra To Close Beta Registrations

A post published by John P. over on the Woopra blog is stating that Woopra will be shutting down beta registrations once they reach 50,000 monitored websites. As of October 8th, Woopra was monitoring 45,000 websites. Once registration is closed, there is a possibility that the media will blow in response but John gives a series of explanations as to the reasoning behind the move.

  • A 50,000 site “beta” is certainly a big enough sample to work through bugs and take suggestions.
  • We have a number of projects underway that we need to turn our attentions to temporarily and this will allow us to focus on core improvements as opposed to continual expansion.
  • We continue to hear from the community that you’d like more personalized attention, and pausing the site additions will ensure against further dilution of our current limited resources.

Once the Woopra team gets their ducks in a row, they will replace their site approval system with a personal invitation system in which current Woopra users will be able to send invitations to friends and family. Woopra was unofficially announced back at WordCamp Dallas about six months ago and since then, the sky has been the limit for the amount of success and growth that Woopra has experienced. Keep it up John!

5 thoughts on “Woopra To Close Beta Registrations

  1. The Woopra team is really excited to get back focused on development and preparation for coming out of beta. We’ve gotten so much input from the tens of thousands of users, we’re bogged down processing and responding to all of it. We have some of the best beta testers around, and their feedback is critical to the success of Woopra. So I’m eager to dig in deeper and focus.

    @Patrick D: A lot of people use three to five web stats programs, though classifying them as “web analytics” tools is different. Each one does different things and depending upon the information you need, you may require more than one. If not, then choose the one that brings you the best and most information you need.

    Remember, with Woopra, you don’t just get stats but the ability to chat with your visitors and pretty eye candy stats. :D

  2. That chat feature is neat, but creepy. Also, the two times I used it, the person didn’t respond. So to me, it’s just not a reason to keep it. I like the live analytics though.

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