Blogging Is A Juggling Act

As I reach ever closer to my goal of being able to use blogging and online activity as my primary source of income, I am finding it increasingly difficult to manage my time to accomplish tasks from day to day. I’m currently bringing in around $1,300.00 a month from my blogging ventures but that cash is spread out amongst 3-4 different jobs. On top of this, I work 32 hours a week from 9PM-5AM and that doesn’t seem to make things any better. I’ve also noticed that my sleeping pattern has changed to the point where I am really sleeping in instead of waking up at a decent time. This is leaving me with even less time to get things done and it is driving me up the wall.

I’m really thinking about cutting myself down to weekends only for a little while to see if I can get my life back on track. I envy those like Lorelle and others who seem to write mile long posts and publish things on time. These folks make it seem easy although I doubt it really is.

Kudos to those out there who are making a living online by creating content while also maintaining a social life as well as a second job.

7 thoughts on “Blogging Is A Juggling Act

  1. No doubt it’s difficult, but it’s not meant to be easy. That’s why you gotta be passionate about what you do – because when you are, then you don’t mind putting in the extra effort.

    I’m sure there’s a million methods out there to get what you want done. For me, it’s to stop time wasting, and I find waking up early in the morning to blog a big winner for me.

    Fight the good fight Jeffy boy! You’re leading the way!!

  2. It could work. Often we associate certain areas/computers for specific purposes… for example, I find it very difficult to do work on the same machine I use to chat/email etc.

  3. Wow – I know exactly how you feel. Currently I am working full time, freelancing, keeping up with my blog, and taking care of my 6 year old. I usually work on my blog posts during my lunch break at work and do freelancing after 8pm at night and on the weekends. It can really be too much. At least once a week I go to bed at like 8:30pm because I’m just too exhausted from everything that I’m trying to do. Overall, it’s worth it because I love the freelancing and hope to replace my full time job with it.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    I started writing a response to your question but it got so long that I think I am going to write a blog post on the topic :-) I’ll definitely let you know when I do. Should be soon – I’ve been out of sorts recently and lacking motivation and ideas so this has given me some inspiration. Thanks!!

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