Will Plurk Kill Twitter

In last months poll, I asked if you would listen to a daily WordPress podcast. And here is how the poll turned out.

Poll Results For May

Well, I don’t think I’ll be doing anything in regards to a daily podcast. I have more on my plate at this time then I did when I started the poll. However, I still have to talk to a few people about the idea but I may try and do a live podcast that deals specifically with blogging and all aspects of it.

The poll for this month is, Will Plurk Kill Twitter? Since there are so many people going hogwash over the service, I thought I’d put my foot in the hype water and see what you think.

7 thoughts on “Will Plurk Kill Twitter

  1. Plurk will be popular but looks targeted for kids with its cartoon wiggly avatars, which is a good idea, but why do kids need a timeline chart, are they that busy? Twitter is better for business, more to-the-point and allows links. Plurk should work to become a portal, a homepage for people watching time-sensitive feeds, like day traders maybe, fanatic tech bloggers, info addicts, where a time visualization could add perspective.

  2. If Plurk wants to beat Twitter they need an API. Until that happens and 3rd party apps start being created Plurk will be the place people go too when Twitter is down. FriendFeed on the other hand might give Twitter a run, although it is more than just microblogging.

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  3. Ummm no. There’s no chance. twitter is much less intrusive and allows people to get stuff done. And in the end it is the people who get stuff done that set the tone and are the voice for the industry.

    It’s trouble right now with breakage is mostly because it takes people out of flow and interupts their day. Plurk does that by design. So it will be a fad people will try. It will catch on in schools where ppl have time but it won’t kill twitter.

  4. For all the reasons already mentioned, no, Plurk will not beat Twitter.

    It is possible that Plurk could add SMS, revamp or offer alternate interfaces and change the game, but at the moment it is targeting an emo-kid subset of the Twitter demographic. If it does overtake, it won’t be any time soon.

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