Happy Birthday Jeffro2pt0.com

Thats right folks. Today is this blog’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than to look back on the past 365 days this blog has been online.

Jeffro2pt0.com Birthday

For those of you that are wondering, the first post published on this site occurred on June 4th, 2007 New Fan Of Tumblr. Since then, I have provided a number of reviews on different sites and services, offered tips on blogging, covered various news items and a whole lot more.

Instead of rehashing the story, if you would like to know how this blog came to be, please read my About page which goes into detail as to how this blog came about.

For those of you familiar with the story, let’s take a trip down memory lane together to review some of the highlights of this past year of blogging.


How many of you remember that picture? It was featured at the beginning of my InviteShare review post, published back on July 15th, 2007. InviteShare was a brand new service that allowed users to share their invitations to new Web 2.0 services which were sprouting up across the web like weeds. It was the first website of it’s kind. Jeff, the owner of the site was very gracious enough to place a banner of this blog onto the front page of InviteShare as one of the sites which had reviewed his service. This move proved to be the one that put my site on the map as TechCrunch and all of the other major news outlets reported on InviteShare. Because a link to my site was on their front page (it still is by the way) all of that follow through traffic appeared on my blog. TechCrunch later purchased InviteShare and the rest is history.

The post, Alligator Attacked By Pack Of Dogs published on September 04 2007 was an instant hit as a number of people ended up submitting the post to StumbleUpon within the jokes category. Quite a few people gave this a thumbs up and it still receives a trickle of traffic through SU. The interesting aspect of this post is that, it was an email joke sent to me from a co worker. I slapped the picture and the joke up on the blog and never thought anything would happen. As it turns out, I was wrong.

Here is an overview of a number of different stats over the course of the past year.

General Stats

Total Stats

  • 1 author to this blog.
  • 602 posts were posted.
  • 7 pages were created.
  • 3812 tags were created.
  • 1,720 comments were posted.
  • 430 different nicknames were represented in the comments.
  • 9 links were added.
  • 18 post categories were needed.
  • 4 link categories were needed.
  • 17,653 spam blocked.

Plugins Stats


  • 4 polls were created.
  • 19 polls’ answers were given.
  • 187 votes were casted.


  • 967,789 views were generated.

10 Most Commented Post

Comments’ Members Stats

Comment Members

  1. Jeffro (519)
  2. Mike (99)
  3. Brad (53)
  4. Foomandoonian (45)
  5. Sierra (39)
  6. John Kolbert (37)
  7. Chris Thomson (37)
  8. Andrew (32)
  9. Mark (32)
  10. Dave Gray (26)

Post Categories

This is what my Webalizer stats look like at the completion of the first year of Jeffro2pt0.com

Stats After One Year Of Blogging

When I started to blog seriously, the goal was to do it for one year to see where I would end up. Since I began blogging on this domain, the blog has allowed me to obtain a contributing writing job for WeblogToolsCollection.com, one of the premiere sites on the web for all things WordPress. It even shows up in the WordPress Dashboard. What I found interesting about this position is that Mark came to me and offered the job and not vice versa. Apparently, Mark had been reading the blog and noticed the posts I was publishing about WordPress. This was one of the examples of a blog being used as a resume which nabbed me my first paid blogging job.

Now, almost one year later, I’ve had an opportunity come my way in the form of writing for Performancing.com, a high trafficked website dealing with everything related to blogging. Now, knowing someone who worked their already definitely helped in landing the position, but having a blog filled with posts which covered everything from Web 2.0 to Bigfoot, both small posts, lengthy posts and lists post, I had a detailed resume which proved I could do the job. This was the second time in a year where the blog was used as a resume to land me an even higher paying blogging job.

Over the past 365 days, I never once published a post which was tied to an affiliate program. Not once did I publish adsense ads onto the blog. I was never paid to write any review, they were all written by me because the service or product offering was interesting to me. Not once did I sell an advertising spot to anyone. Over the past year, I haven’t made a dime off of this website even though it has a page rank of 5 and is under 100,000 in the Alexa rankings.

However, the blog has helped me obtain at least two good paying blogging jobs which I would of had a hard time getting had I not had a blog with a slew of posts covering a variety of topics with a variety of different posting structures. What I am saying is that, if you are looking to make money online through blogging, this is one way to do it in which I can vouch for, has been successful.

Thank You:

I want to extend a sincere thanks to every single one of you who have browsed this domain within the past 365 days. Thanks to all of you who have Dugg, stumbled, and linked to any post published within this blog. A huge thank you goes out to each and every one of you who stopped by and took the time out of your day to comment. I tried my best to respond back to each and every one of you and I think it shows in the stats. Your time is valuable to me and I would never want any of you commenter’s to feel like your yelling down an empty chamber.

A special thanks goes out to all of you reading this post in your RSS feed reader. Thank you very much for subscribing and thanks to all of you who have continued to stay subscribed over the past year.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me over this past year and for those of you who have shared your knowledge and experience with me. It was and still is truly appreciated.

Thanks to the blog, I have been able to create and maintain a wide variety of relationships throughout this place we know as the blogosphere. I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of this domain within the next year or two and I’ll be glad to have each and everyone of you come along for the ride. Perhaps I’ll be a problogger by then :)

Sound Off:

Over the course of time I have written to this blog, which article or series of articles have you enjoyed the most? Is there a moment or a post which really struck your nerve or is there one that perhaps is memorable? What is the best and worst thing about this particular blog? This is your chance to provide your own mini year in review if you have managed to stick around this blog for that long.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jeffro2pt0.com

  1. Congrats on the anniversary. I assume you plan to continue on then? :)

    Incidentally, I only found this post because my name triggered a Google Alert. Handy service that!

  2. @Foomandoonian – Yes Foo, I do plan on continuing this blog. In fact, I renewed the domain for 2 years instead of one.

    @Chris Thomson – Thanks Chris. Maybe I should of listed everyones name who has commented lol.

    @Stefan Vervoort – Hey Stefan, thank you very much for your comments. I’ll try to keep pace see where I go.

  3. Damn Hairy Human says:

    Congrats on sticking with it for a year Jeff. I’ll be curious to see where it’s all at after 2.

  4. Congrats Jeffro. That’s a great milestone and you’ve accomplished quite a lot! Looks like you’ll be around for quite a while. I’m looking forward to it!

  5. @SierraK – Thanks Sierra :)

    @Lorelle – Well, time to continue on with Year 2 and try to improve upon my accomplishments with more of them. I still have more to learn and to experience. Also, I really need to kick my full time grocery job to the curb and supplement the majority of my income from blogging,

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