Jeffro2pt0 Now On WP 2.5

Better late than never! I have upgraded the blog from 2.3.3 to 2.5. The upgrade went very smooth with the exception of one plugin, that being the Berri Technorati Incoming Links plugin which modified the admin panel in 2.3. The plugin caused things to break in the new admin panel. After deleting that plugin, everything is back to normal and appears to be functioning just fine. I’m really digging the new look and I can’t wait to get into the back end and widgitize the hell out of my dashboard.

While I have your attention, let’s take a look at last months Poll results. I asked the question, When Would You Upgrade To WordPress 2.5? The results are listed below:

Poll Results For March 2008

Surprisingly, a large number of you chose the option to upgrade as soon as possible. While ASAP might of been too soon, the rest of the majority decided to upgrade at least a week within it’s release.

Now that 2.5 is here and available for the world to digest, this months poll question is: What Do You Think Of WP 2.5? Be sure to leave your mark and vote for one of the options given to you. I’ve noticed that more and more of you are participating in the poll. Thank you very much!

13 thoughts on “Jeffro2pt0 Now On WP 2.5

  1. PJ says:

    I wasn’t planning to upgrade yet, but on Monday night I had a mad urge to upgrade the gallery blog to 2.5. My other blogs will probably remain in 2.3 for a few more weeks.

    The new interface is a massive improvement but the sleek new media attachment feature slows down my posting, and the new thumbnail format is messing with the way that my small thumbnails are created. I’ll sort it, but it’ll take some time.

  2. I upgraded the minute I saw it was available. But, because I decided to use the Subversion nightly builds (instead of only stable releases), I’m already running 2.6-bleeding. :P

    “Poll: When will you upgrade to 2.6?”
    “Answer 1: NOW!” *check!*
    “Answer 2: As Soon as it’s released!”
    “Answer 3: Within the first week”
    “Answer 4: Never, I’m moving to MoveableType”


  3. I upgraded yesterday on a new blog I’m in the process of building (not yet live) but I LOVE the new version! I can’t wait to upgrade my primary blogs (and the other blogs I manage for friends/family etc) this weekend when I have more time…. Ha ha most people look forward to Friday night so they can go out – I’m looking forward to it so I can stay in and play with WordPress…..what a geek I am! LOL

  4. I upgraded from 2.3.3 to 2.5 about a day after the final stable version was released. As long as you don’t have a bunch of core edits I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to upgrade. It was a pretty quick/painless process for me. Maybe took a few minutes to upload the new files and upgrade the database. The new admin panel is very nice, huge improvement over the old one.

  5. Mosey says:

    Don’t want to sound pedantic or anything since my grammar and spelling is usually best described as ‘rubbish’, but I think that the new poll option should be ‘Could have been better’ rather than ‘Could of been better’??

    I still haven’t upgraded! Just found out that SlimStat isn’t working on 2.5 which puts me off a bit more. Am sorry to read that Wp-Tables will no longer be supported for 2.5 either >_< Glad your upgrade went well though! :)

  6. My upgrade went very smooth and everything looked great. I really like the new Admin panel, although it is quirky.
    My only problem was with the Media Uploader failing… had to resort to adding the following 4 lines to .htaccess, taken from:

    “mod_security might be causing problems. Disable it to see if that is the problem. To do this, make an .htaccess file in your wp-admin directory. Add this to it:

    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    That will disable it for the entire wp-admin directory. It’s possible to be more specific about it, this is just a quick and easy test to see if mod_security is causing your issues.”

    Also, there is a fix for IE7 here:

    Bottom line, I think the wait was worth it. The Media Gallery feature is my favorite part of the new 2.5

  7. @PJ Hey PJ, glad to hear that for the most part, the upgrade went well. The upgrading or media features seem to be where the majority of upgrading issues are occurring. I hope you can get those sorted out.

    @westi Ahh, so I forgot that option yet again. I promise, next time I’ll have an option for you bleeding edge freaks! :) thanks for stopping by Westi!

    @Chris Thomson Chris, you’re always ahead of the curve as usual. Have you ever thought of writing a post which highlights the positives and negatives of running a WordPress blog via Subversion? I think that would be interesting.

    @Andrew Nice to just get it over and done with huh?

    @Trisha Don’t worry Trisha, you are not the only one who looks forward to playing with WordPress versus going out the bar. Anytime you want to hang out and talk WordPress, sit on the blog and chat in the shoutbox to the right, I check that thing every time I’m on the blog which is ALOT.

    @Leland Core edits are always the things that give upgraders trouble. It was also quick and painless for me as well. I had one issue with a plugin but after fixing that, everything is working fine.

    @Mosey Thanks for the heads up, I’ve edited that particular poll entry.

    @brian Thanks for letting us know about your upgrade issues and then posting the solutions to those in case others are having the same problem. I can’t wait to create my first gallery using the built gallery feature in WordPress.

  8. Jeffro and all,
    Some code was left out of my post above:
    It should read:
    “less-than” IfModule mod_security.c “greater-than”
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off
    “less-than” /IfModule “greater-than”

    I hope it shows up better this time.
    (Damn this is a TINY font in the comment box!)

    Also, and IMPORTANT, I found out that WP rewrites the .htaccess file, so do not put those lines in between the # BEGIN WordPress and # END WordPress lines.

    Jeffro, would you consider a better, bigger, bolder, more advanced “Comment” box plugin?

    Also, where’s my Gravatar image?

  9. I gave it a week before pulling the trigger. Then I decided to grab a widget-ready 2.x-capable replacement theme while I was at it (I was running wp-andreas09, which is a lovely and serviceable theme but required a bit of tweaking to make widget-ready and 2.x-ready and such), and so far… I’m quite pleased. I don’t use the media upload feature so I’m not running into that particular problem.

    So far, so good.

  10. It’s unfortunate that open source blogs can’t be managed 100% by someone that’s not a dev person. Our site is too big for me to make decisions about when updates are safe. Gotta call up someone that really knows about security for this one.

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