RAProject Undergoes Face Lift


Ronald Huereca of the R A Project.com website has finished and published his redesign of the Mimbo Pro theme. I’ve heard from a number of designers that the color brown is one of the most difficult colors to design around. Ronald however, seems to have found a great color scheme that goes well with brown. Refreshing greens, red highlights, a bit of tan, vanilla, and a big fat juicy strawberry in the footer to finish things off.

I was fortunate enough to help play a role in this design as I offered tips and critique to the mockups that Ronald gave me. I am impressed that he has been able to take an idea on paper and turn it into a reality. The new look is a major refresher when compared with the paltry blues of yesteryear. Some of the things that really stand out in this theme for me are as follows:

  • Simple Navigation
  • A big featured article block
  • The recolored carousel which features images related to the article. These images really add some spice to the part of the page where they are displayed.
  • The three most recent articles with differentiating headers. Ronald has told me that the color variations were to help differentiate the posts. However, I think it’s rather ironic that the colors go from Dark (recent) to Light (older).
  • Unlike most designs, the footer on this site features a giant red strawberry. Who doesn’t like giant red strawberries being dipped in chocolate?

Strawberry Footer

I know Ronald was going for more of a relaxed atmosphere with the new design and I really think he has captured that effect with his choice of colors and layout. Ronald, you may be a coder, but I think you did a great job with the redesign. So good in fact, I think PJ will have to add this design to her modified premium theme gallery.

3 thoughts on “RAProject Undergoes Face Lift

  1. Wow Jeff, thanks for the feature. Very much appreciated.

    I had a lot of help from a good friend and designer Vivien from InspirationBit. I felt like I was one of her students, which is a good thing.

    PJ also let me know about her adding me to her theme gallery, which perhaps I have you to thank for that as well.

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