Two New Ways To Get WP News

I got word of two projects today which may be valuable sources of information dealing with WordPress within the near future. The first is called is an aggregation website that displays the 5 most recent headlines from major players within the WordPress community. The site features a fancy drop down animation once a headline is clicked.

WPSource Screenshot

A small excerpt from the post is displayed with a read more link at the bottom of the excerpt. When you browse to WPSource for the first time, it takes a little while for the page to load which can’t be blamed fully on the domain itself as it’s pulling the 5 headlines from outside sources. Even though this is a work in progress, I would like to see either fav icons of the site listed along side the headlines or some other images to really give the site some spice.

Our second contestant is adii who is building a community oriented project which will be a WordPress magazine which will highlight content from the thought leaders within the community of WordPress. The types of content that will be aggregated include: general and misc WordPress news, themes, designs and designers, plugins and development.

WordPRessMagazine Project

As you can already tell at a glance, both projects are circling around to the same conclusion but displaying the results in two different ways. Even though adii does not have a public demo, I can already tell you that I enjoy seeing the aggregated content displayed in this fashion versus WPSource. If the ability to subscribe to the specific categories will be possible in this iteration, I’ll have it give this design bonus points as it will help me condense these feeds into my Feed Reader.

When I look at this design mockup, I sometimes feel confused by where the post is being aggregated from. However, I enjoy the fact that this design will place more importance to the favicon as it’s use and importance has gone through the floor.

As it stands, WPSource is farther ahead in development as they at least have a working demo/project online that works. However, once the Magazine project comes online, it will definitely give WPSource a run for it’s money. One nice thing about both of these projects is that they are aggregating content from a wider variety of members within the WP Community instead of aggregating the usual suspects which Planet WordPress already does. May the best project win!

12 thoughts on “Two New Ways To Get WP News

  1. Thanks for the mention – hope it gives my idea some more legs! :) I just found WPSource via the comments on my blog (where I announced this upcoming project) and the only reason why I don’t like it, is that it inherently promotes favouratism.

    Whereas in my concept, there is a democracy with regards to which authors is displayed at the top of the pile. The feeds (and article headlines) are also identified by their favicon, but ultimately it’s unimportant where the story came from; because if you know that we only aggregate quality content, then it doesn’t matter on who’s blog you’ll read it.

    That explain a bit more where I’m coming from?

  2. @Adii Just out of curiosities sake, will you be placing any sort of advertisements on the projects home page where the aggregated content displays?

    @Hafiz Thanks for letting me know, I have fixed the link and it should be pointing to the correct place.

  3. Hey Jeffro thanks for posting about (like hafiz said the first link points somewhere else though).

    WP Source is currently work in progress, I created several design concepts, and in the end decided to do something simple just to get it up and working. I like the ideas of favicons and that would be very easy to add.

    Just to wade in on adii’s comment of WP Source “promotes favouritism” I have to disagree. Once you have visited the site a couple of times you can quickly spot the sites that have made updates witch is pretty much the point, to give a brief overview of what’s happening within WordPress. Users arn’t going to be going to the top left or top most sites everytime if those sites havn’t updated.

    But like I said it’s a work in progress, the foundation of the custom script is in place and the layout could change at anytime. I appreciate the feedback though, and would love to gage others feedback on what they would like to see and suggestions on improving as the ultimate goal is to provide a useful resource to both the sites listed and the users.

  4. Josh – Just to clarify my opinion… I was definitely not knocking your concept or WPSource in any way. I’m simply of the opinion that due to the fact that the blocks of individual RSS feeds needs to be placed, some feeds will always enjoy prominence over others. So it’s not necessarily favouritism, as much as an inevitable situation.

    I agree with you about enabling the user to easily spot the updated feeds, but that still doesn’t get past the layout issue. I find that it’s pretty tedious to scroll through all the pages of AllTop, because there are so many feed blocks. But that’s simply my preference! :) I look forward to seeing how you evolve WPSource,

    @Jeffro – At this stage, I have made provision for one 468x60px ad banner on the homepage, yet I do not know whether I will end up using it. The only reason I included it, was to help pay server / marketing expenses… What do you think of it?

  5. Sheesh @ Jim – That comment sounds a bit vicious… I never said I was gonna monetize the project in any way, yet your comment alludes to the fact that you think I’ve done some shady things before!? Also consider that if I do monetize the project through advertising (to cover expenses), that I’ll be earning the money based on my own work in developing the platform as well – so it’s not just a case of profiting of others’ work.

    Ultimately, I’ve decided not to decide on this one! :) Once everything is up and running, I’ll ask all the contributing blogs (who’s feeds will be indexed) whether they’d like to see the platform monetized in any way. Community’s project = Community’s decision! :)

  6. I already keep track of my favourite WP blogs in my favourite feed reader, FeedDemon, but I’ll check this out. I’m an RSS freak. (yeah I have no life) ;)

  7. These sites are just reinventing the wheel. WordPress Planet (official WordPress “news” sources) and Planet WordPress from Planet Ozh (some duplication but additional WordPress newsy resources covered) have been aggregating the news on WordPress for a long time and they continue to be the BEST sources for WordPress news.

    Everyone wants in on the possibility to make a buck with WordPress, and there are a lot of autoblogging attempts out there to scrap anyone who says anything about WordPress for a buck. Let’s not forget the original old timers which keep everyone up-to-date consistently with WordPress News.

  8. @ Lorelle – I know about both of those resources, but my gripe with those are that they’re not very “democratic” in who’s feeds are included. So that’s why I decided to create my own concept – to do the things that I want it to do.

  9. I don’t know what “democratic” means in putting together an aggregator list, but Planet Ozh’s Planet WordPress includes anyone who offers WordPress news and tips upon request and verification. New sites are added frequently. Those are just the oldest, continually active sites. There are now SO many, it’s a huge open field of folks wanting to make money off WordPress content through aggregation, usually without the author’s permission.

    As always, it’s interesting to see what new twists people come up with on the same theme. Good luck with your project.

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