Jeffro2pt0 Featured On WP-Premiums

Jeffro2pt0 Image

A few days ago, PJ notified me that this blog design was featured on So far, the design has a total of 8 votes with an average rating of 4 out of 5. According to PJ the reason this design was chosen to be included in the WP-Premiums gallery is as follows:

I was so impressed by your great customization of the Shifter theme that I’ve featured it on I’m sure that your design will be an inspiration for others who are planning to design or customize their own WordPress-powered websites.

Thanks goes out to PJ for adding this site design to the gallery. Thanks also goes out to anyone who has rated this design on WP-Premiums, I really appreciate it. A last round of thanks goes out to those individuals who worked with me on their own time to provides suggestions and critiques to enhance the design. If you haven’t checked out WP-Premiums before, I highly suggest doing so as it’s a showcase of what people have been able to do to their premium themes outside of the norm. For example, my favorite design right now in the showcase is the blog of Robin Malau.

This showcase would make for a good place to get inspiration from if you are looking at designing a WordPress theme.

4 thoughts on “Jeffro2pt0 Featured On WP-Premiums

  1. haha, PJ’s awesome!

    On the podcast on the after show of episode 10, after you made the changes me and mayo were telling you, I gave you a 5 star because it looked a whole lot better!

  2. PJ says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Jeffro!

    Btw, I’m actually a girl, but you weren’t to know… lol

    I love the Shifter theme, but haven’t seen many good-looking examples of it so I was really glad to be able to feature your site.

  3. @PJ No problem, thanks for featuring this blogs design. I change the article around to remove HIS or HER references. I need to make sure my head is screwed on when I write these posts.

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