Photos Of The Blogging Master 3000

Today as I was building the machine, I took the opportunity to take a number of photos of each individual piece of hardware. Most the photos involved me playing with the MACRO settings on my Kodak EasyShare and are not of the best quality but, they should suffice none the less.

All of the pictures I took today can be found within the Blogging Master 3000 Flickr Photoset.

3 thoughts on “Photos Of The Blogging Master 3000

  1. @utahcon I tried. It was hard to get any good shots without a lot of lot in my room. Next time, I’ll take photos during the summer when I take it all apart to clean it out.

    @Mark Yes it will :) I take my pc case all apart during the middle of spring and then again at the end of summer to clean it all out. Only for it to suck in all that dust again.

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