Funniest David Blaine Spoofs

Thanks to Mark Lima, I’ve discovered the insanely humorous David Blaine Street Magic Spoof videos. A guy that pretends to be David Blaine wreaks havoc on two individuals that fall victim to more than just Davids magic. The spoofs are very well done and the reactions and language used within the videos is down-right hilarious. After watching the third episode, I had to go back and watch the first and second episodes because I couldn’t get enough. In fact, the first spoof video that was created has over Twelve million views on YouTube.

I bring to you the first installment of one of the best comedy series on YouTube.

Don’t forget to check out Episode 2 and then Episode 3. If you put this up on YouTube, I’m going to EFFING SUE YOU DAVID BLAINE!

4 thoughts on “Funniest David Blaine Spoofs

  1. @Sierra Thanks for coming back Seirra, been awhile. Indeed, this had me cracking up. I showed it too my dad and he found it funny, but also found it to be too long and some of the gimmicks were repetitive and not funny. Oh well, I think this trio or quadro has potential.

  2. Sierra says:

    lol…end of semester projects at the same time as Christmas are a bitch >_< I loved the faces the Blaine character kept making to the camera that was funny.

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