More Plugin Updates

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There have recently been a number of updated plugins released for WordPress. The plugins in question are as follows:

Akismet – Akistmet version 2.1.1 has been released. Some of the new features in this version include the ability to sort by comment type. This means you can search by ALL comments, Comments, or Pingbacks. There is also a new hook thats been added so other plugins can add tabs to the sub navigational scheme.

Later on, after I wrote this post, a newer version of Akismet has been released. Version 2.1.2 Fixes two small bugs, if you have 2.1.2 all errors (headers sent, etc) should be fixed.

Subscribe To Comments – Subscribe To Comments has released version 2.1.2 This update include a fix to a bug that was discovered by Donncha where bad notification emails would sometimes be sent out. The code within the plugin has been cleaned up and the author has moved to using proper WP escaping functions.

WP AJAX Edit Comments – Ronald has updated this plugin to This update adds page detection for incompatibility issues with the Navigation List plugin.

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