Flickr Launches Stats For Pro Members

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Flickr has introduced a new feature for PRO members. The new feature highlights various stats for your online photos. If you’re a pro member you can activate your stats now. The first round of stats will take at least 24 hours to process.

The stats show you how people arrive to your photos. There are stats available for people surfing on Flickr itself – where the referrer is – and stats about people coming from other websites. Flickr will now be able to tell you the sorts of things people search for on search engines where your photos turn up, and tell you how many views your photos have in a week, or for all time.

Flickr Stats

The stats will display as far back as 28 days prior to the day of activation. As for the more technical details of the stats themselves, Flickr states:

  • We update stats once a day
  • Your own views of your own photos are not counted
  • We track views and referrers when a page on is loaded. We are unable to count views of your photos on external sites (like your blog).
  • The “Search Engines” group of referrers counts traffic from most of the major search engines online, including Yahoo!, Google, AOL, MSN,, and
  • When reading search engine results, we are able to show what people searched for to find your content.
  • We don’t display links to individual Flickr members as referrers

For more information in regards to this new feature, check out the official Flickr Stats FAQ.

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