6 thoughts on “Always Proofread Your Childs Homework

  1. @Sierra Thank goodness for people like you who have a sense of humor. I’ve been waiting for someone to comment about how offending the image is lol.

    @Mike How do you know its fake? Did you draw it? lol

  2. Well, for starters the kid would have had to be at the place to understand what his/her mom was doing.

    That seems a bit unlikely. Also, it’s a bit hard to see the money at strip clubs.

    Thirdly, the writing is clearly done by an adult. Note the even strokes. While it tries to emulate the writing of a small child, it is clearly done by a steady hand capable of straight lines.

    Lastly, yes. I drew that. My mom is a w*ore. You don’t need to rub it in Jeff. It hurts enough knowing that. :(

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