Modern Life Design Trends Of 2007


Thanks to Mark Rizzn and his Google Reader for sending me this story. Modern Life has posted their 2007 design trends and cliches. Based on this article, it looks as though we are finally moving on from the pastel colored Web 2.0. According to Modern Life, this years list is:

  1. Cute Cartoons And Mascots
  2. Swirls, Drips and Flourishes
  3. Broken Borders
  4. Oversize RSS Icons
  5. High-Texture Designs
  6. Rich Colors With Dark Grey Background

I thought the clean look of Web 2.o based websites which really took hold during 2006 were nice. But, I have to say that the new earthy, rich colored websites on dark backgrounds seems to suit my eyes much better. Considering this blogs design is boxy, does that make me pre year 2000?

Which design trend of 2007 have you enjoyed the most?

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