Copyright Your RSS Feed With FeedEntryHeader

FeedEntryHeader is a WordPress plugin written by Stephen Cronin. Like so many other bloggers, Stephen has been battling the scraping issue. FeedEntryHeader provides WordPress bloggers with a way of adding a copyright statement and a link to the original article which will show up at the top of your feed entries.

Why the top and not the bottom? According to Stephen, the copyright that appears at the bottom of your feed entries has little impact because of it’s location. Also, if a splogger is scraping an excerpt of your content, chances are, the copyright statement won’t be added into the entry.

FeedEntryHeader screenshot

You can customize the text that is shown in the copyright area by changing the HTML and associated tags. However, the default message should be fine for most people.

As Stephen and the commenter’s on his blog note, this will not stop scrapers, but this is a step in the right direction. All WordPress bloggers should install this plugin as it provides another opportunity for us to fight back against these jerks.

5 thoughts on “Copyright Your RSS Feed With FeedEntryHeader

  1. What a great plugin! This is exactly what I needed. I was just writing “By” in front of each post before publishing, but with this I can just automate the process and not actually show it to readers on my blog. Nice one Jeff!

  2. I haven’t even had time to get this installed yet. I’ve been so freaking busy lately. Hopefully I’ll get this installed tonight or tomorrow.

    I can already tell based on Jeff’s feed that I’m going to love it!

  3. @Stephen Cronin Thank you for your contribution and for stopping by.

    @Brad This plugin works very well against anyone who is scraping your entire blog posts. For me however, these sploggers are taking a random excerpt or a sentence or two from an article and then linking to me. This is causing trackback/pingback url spam to show up in Akismet. Because they don’t scrape all of the content for the post, the copyright message never appears.

    I know on my MyBlobLog page, I see the copyright text just before every post underneath the area where it says Last Blog post. So the plugin is indeed working.

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