WordPress Plugin Updates

Digging into my Plugin area today, I noticed a few plugins that required updating and figured I’d let you know about them in case you have update notification turned off.

First up is Google XML Sitemaps which is now up to version The changes for this release are:

  • Fixed wrong XML Schema Location (Thanks to Emanuele Tessore)
  • Added Russian Language files by Sergey http://ryvkin.ru

Next up is WP AJAX Edit Comments WP Ajax Edit Comments is now up to version

  • Added Italian Language file. Thanks Piplos
  • Added Russian Language file. Thanks Sergey.

Simple Pie has also released update and is now up to version 2.1.2 SimplePie Plugin for WordPress

  • 2.1: Added support for feed post-processing, better error handling, and fixed issues with installing in the wrong location.

Live Comment Preview is now at version 1.8.2

  • The 1.8.1 release fixes a bug in 1.8 that affects those who have WordPress files setup in a different directory than their site url. If you have any problems with this release, please post a reply with a description of the problem and any error messages you are receiving.

Last but note least, QuickPost, the Tumblr like plugin for WordPress has been updated to version 0.6

  • 0.6 – Finished Safari Support; Added stripslashes for titles that have apostrophes; Minor Change to Blockquote formatting

4 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Updates

  1. Thanks Jeff. Most of the changes to the Ajax Edit Comments plugin have indeed been the addition of localization files. I think I’ve added five languages in less than a month. Woot for translators!

  2. @Ronald Hey Ronald. Speaking of your plugin, have you heard any complaints from people using your plugin along side some sort of caching plugin? For instance, I would use WP-Cache but because of the time it takes for the Cache to expire, the ajax edit box would fail to show up after a comment was posted. Once the cache would refresh, the time limit to edit the comment would have already expired.

    I’m trying to find a caching plugin that plays nice with the ability to edit comments as soon as the comment is published.

  3. That’s interesting as we’re using WP Cache at RA Project and the plugin has a hook to do a re-cache after someone edits a comment. I don’t think I’m quite understanding what the issue is.

  4. All I know is that when I have WP-Cache enabled. Whenever someone submits a comment, the comment is not immediately displayed. If the comment is not displayed, how can it be edited?

    After a period of time, the comment will finally be viewable but the time I have alloted for people to edit their comments will have already expired. Therefor, it makes the plugin useless.

    However, when someone posts a comment when I use WP-Cache, if I clear out the cache through the WP Admin panel via the plugins own options page, the comment that someone made will show up which is how I’ve been able to figure out that WP-Cache is the culprit.

    I think the problem lies within the page not being recached after a comment is published. Instead, the comment will wait their until the cached version expires and when it is recached, the new comment shows up.

    Does any of that make sense? At any rate, I have all caching disabled because it was making commenting a pain.

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