Create Free PDF Invoices With InvoiceMachine


InvoiceMachine is a Web 2.0 based application that allows you to create slick looking PDF invoices in a short amount of time.

The first step in the PDF creation process contains a form where you type in Invoice From and Invoice To information.

Step 1

After filling out the details, step 2 provides you with an opportunity to provide an Invoice ID, the Invoice Date, Currency, Tax, P.O. Number, Tax, Shipping, The Payment Due Date, the kind of invoice this will be, how many invoices to create and the final price. The final price is automatically calculated when you type in a shipping amount, this includes the tax if you set one. At the bottom of the page is an area where you can include additional notes that will be attached to the PDF file once its created.

Step 2

Step 3 is the fun part as you now get to pick and choose one of 4 themes that will encapsulate your PDF. The choices are Simplicity which is different shades of grey. Then there is accul, which is a grey/peach colored theme, Blue Pear which features blue and grey and finally, Goblin which features light green and grey. For my example, I decided on adding a little color so I chose Blue Pear.

On this same page, there is an option to type in custom Footer Text. By default, there is a link back to but apparently you can change that to suit your purpose.

Step 4 takes all of the information you typed in via the previous steps and processes your PDF file which you can then download. Click on the image to see a full view of what my invoice looked like after the website created it.

I don’t do a ton of work that requires invoicing clients but I can see how something like this could be a blessing for freelance workers. All in all, the site performed admirably well and it did what it supposed to without having to jump through hoops. It was fast and easy just as advertised and if you have a hard time creating PDF invoices manually, this site is worth bookmarking.

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