Mozilla Takes A Page Out Of MS Book

FireFox LogoIt wasn’t too long ago that FireFox was released to the public. Now, just a few short days later, Mozilla releases to what can only be described as (A Patch To Fix A Patch) I’ve spent some time browsing around to try and figure out what it is they changed and I simply can’t find it.

What’s New in Firefox

Release Date: November 30, 2007
Stability Update: This release corrects a problem that was found in the previous release, Firefox
Does anybody know what caused to be replaced by You start doing things like this, and people begin to lose faith in your product real fast.

6 thoughts on “Mozilla Takes A Page Out Of MS Book

  1. I looked for the update description too, and was suspicious of how vague it was. I didn’t look any further, but I expect some digging around the various Mozilla forums could unearth something newsworthy.

  2. @Foomandoonian Yeah. It was weird. I typed in FireFox 2.0.11 into Google and I did’nt find any news stories about this particular version. Perhaps it was too early and the spiders have yet to crawl the sites with the information.

  3. @John Kolbert Hey John, whats been happening around your parts of the web?

    Yep. As it turns out, when I was looking for information about the new version in Google, I was referencing the version as 2.0.11 when in reality it was Thats why I couldn’t find any results lol.

    It looks like they fixed an issue such as the one you described above and a few other things.

  4. @Swaroop Hey thanks for stopping by. I’m pretty sure whatever changes occur in the 2.0 branch will follow into 3.0

    By the way, It looks like the big reason for the quick release update was a bug with the CANVAS html attribute which messed with a bunch of online web applications.

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