History Of LoLCats Maybe

Pwned Before Time

This episode of BoingBoing TV talks about the history involved with the site, LoLrCats. Or at least, thats what I thought it was going to talk about. In all honesty, I think this is more of a spoof video than of actual fact but it’s hard to tell. As a commenter mentioned on the BoingBoing site, one of the comic strips shows one of the cats actually saying the word “PWNED“. However, after closer inspection, it appears as though the cat is walking past a Pawn shop and since the comic routinely left out vowels from words, Pwned was most likely substituted for Pawned.

It’s also interesting to note that this comic may have been well ahead of its time. This comic series is most likely the inspiration behind the current naming conventions of Web 2.0 based companies. Seeing the word PWNED used before it’s time is CLASSIC! And by the way, I still think LOLCats is as stupid now as it was when it launched.

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