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Dave Gray of the Roosters Rail blog, sent me an email over the weekend letting me know of a site that was giving out Camtasia Studio 3 for free. Camtasia Studio is an excellent piece of screen capture software created by TechSmith, developers of the popular program SnagIt. Following the directions of the following blog post it appears as though everything is legit. I currently have a fully functional copy of the software on my machine. Another perk worth mentioning is that, when you install Camtasia Studio 3, you can then upgrade to version 5 for half the cost. Not a bad deal when you consider, version 5 costs $300.00 per copy.

One thought on “Camtasia Studio 3 For Free

  1. Hello Dave,

    This is a great tip!

    Just a quick note to let you know that if you would like not only version 3, but instead version 5 of Camtasia we now offer a special upgrade price to upgrade from Camtasia Studio 3.0 to the newly released version 5.0.

    To upgrade, go to this page and click on the link: “Upgrade Camtasia Studio”:

    Camtasia 5 has several new features compared to version 4 (and even more compared to version 3.) Here are some of the newly added features:

    * Streamlined Camtasia Recorder
    * Snap-to-App windows sizing tool
    * Cross-hairs region/window selection
    * Inactive area dimmed during recording
    * Mouse returns to same position after pause
    * Customizable toolbar
    * Power-saving features of operating system can be disabled
    * Refined task list
    * Project settings with real-time preview
    * Industry standard 30 frames per second
    * AutoSave feature
    * Improved FLV production
    * Additional production presets
    * Right-click naming for callouts
    * Crop to selection option in the context menus
    * Camtasia SmartFocus™
    * Seven additional transitions
    * 3D Edge callouts
    * Screen targeting option for zoom-n-pan
    * Optional automatic transition insertion
    * Precise zoom-n-pan control
    * Onyx controller for Flash video
    * TechSmith ExpressShow™
    * FTP output
    * File uploading to or FTP site

    All the best,

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