CommenTag Promo Video

Here is a promo video I found on YouTube for A service that lets you organize the discussions on your blog, otherwise known as comments. The system looks like it will be interesting to use and will be in private beta on January 1st, 2008 Midnight GMT.

There is very little info in regards to the company on their own website. At any rate, the thing that is stopping me from using something like this, or DisQus or any of those other commenting system replacements is that, I’ll have to start over. Unless you guys know of a system that integrates with what I already have so I don’t lose all of the comments that are already published on the blog, I’ll be sticking with what I have.

3 thoughts on “CommenTag Promo Video

  1. khris says:


    I am with JS-Kit and we have over 9,000 sites using our Comment and Ratings services.

    I would be happy to make it 9,001 and import your existing comments into JS-Kit.

    We also have an RSS feed of all comment data so you can do back-ups or move to another system in the future.

    Please feel free to contact me directly:

    khris at



  2. @khris Thanks for stopping by. I read the interview on of JS-KIT and you guys definetly have a good thing going. JS-KIT would be the third recommended service to use in place of my already existing commenting system. I didn’t realize this post would get such a response out of a few people.

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