WordPress Makes Up 0.8 Percent Of The Net

In the grand scheme of things, Mullenweg said he wants the future of the Web to be open source; and he hopes to get more people using open-source platforms to write their blogs, even if it’s not WordPress. But he’s obviously driven competitively, too. (His blog ranks No. 1 on Google because of all the links back to his site from WordPress.) He recently saw a survey from Google, in which the search giant examined all of the http headers of Web. He found that .8 percent of those pages were powered by WordPress. “That’s how far we’ve come, but we have a lot of work to do,” he said.

WordPress founder looks into blogging\’s future | Tech news blog – CNET News.com

Isn’t that amazing? If you compute the numbers, this means that one out of every 125 pages on the web is powered by WordPress. That is a VERY general observation and there is no break down of metrics that state which ones are using WP for a front end, versus which sites are using WordPress as a full fledged blogging solution. Still, this particular stat is amazing and gives credence to the fact that WordPress is on top of their game right now!

2 thoughts on “WordPress Makes Up 0.8 Percent Of The Net

  1. Wow! 0.8% That’s huge!

    I noticed a few commercial sites that use WP, and I wouldn’t be surprised if even some pr0n sites (especially the blog types) are powered by WP.

    That’s a pretty good achievement, knowing that 1% of sites are powered by your software.

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