Digg Spy WP Plugin – WassUp

If your a statistics junky, I’m sure you’ll love this plugin called WassUp. WassUp is like WordPress Live which I wrote about here ( WordPress Real Time Browsing Stats ) except WassUp kicks it up about 5 notches. WassUp tracks your visitors in real-time as well as providing a wealth of information about those particular visitors. Information such as:

  • ip / hostname
  • referer
  • spider
  • search engines used (includes Google Images)
  • keywords
  • SERP (search engine result page)
  • operating system / language / browser
  • pages viewed (chronologically and per user session)
  • complete user agent
  • name of user logged in
  • name of comment’s author
  • top ten charts with aggregate data (top queries, requests, os, browsers)

WordPress Wassup ImageBecause of the amount of information available for archiving, database size can be an issue. This plugin solves those issues by giving you different options as to when to delete older records. WassUp is not intended to replace statistical information programs such as AWStats or Google Analytics but it does provide an informative view into what individuals are doing on your site. This is great for SEO purposes or just general knowledge of how visitors are using your site.

To download and learn more about this plugin, visit the official Wassup Plugin Page.

4 thoughts on “Digg Spy WP Plugin – WassUp

  1. I actually used this plugin for a while. It provides some interesting data. Make sure you keep the size of the table data down to a minimum. It eats away at your space quick, especially if you get a significant number of visitors.

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