10 Bucks To The First Person Who

Tells me which magazine, Jeffro2pt0.com was sort of but not quite featured. The article in question was highlighting a particular web site/service. To compliment the text, there was a small screenshot of the front page of this particular web site. That website actually had a banner that displayed JEFFRO2pt0 on their front page. So in essence, I was sort of but not really featured in a magazine.

The first person who tells me, which magazine along with the site they wrote about in the article will receive $10.00 via PayPal. If you are the first one to provide a photograph or screenshot depicting the article and associated screenshot, I will send $15.00 your way via PayPal.

Let the games begin!

If you have any questions regarding this little contest, leave them in the commenting area.

17 thoughts on “10 Bucks To The First Person Who

  1. PC World or PC Mag would be my guesses. Unfortunately, I can’t bother looking because my grandmother is sick, and stuff has come to a halt, but yeah, those are the obvious ones.

    Was your banner on display because you were advertising with that site, you own that site, or you were just doing a banner exchange type deal?

  2. @Zac Davis It’s on News Stands now.

    @James Mowery None of your guesses were correct. My banner was on that site because the owner of that site placed banners on the front page to show new visitors the press that his site was receiving.

    The big hint I can give away is that the magazine is at newstands now, and I found it within my grocery stores magazines section.

  3. @Mike I don’t think so but the publication does offer a web only membership. However, I don’t want someone buying a subscription for the contest although, if you did and found the article.

  4. I have no PayPal account anyway, but here goes:

    Is it one of the following?

    2600: The Hacker Quarterly
    Circuit Cellar
    Computer Power User (CPU)
    Dr. Dobb’s Journal
    Hot CoCo
    Kilobaud Microcomputing
    Linux Journal
    Linux Magazine
    Linux World
    Maximum PC
    Modern Electrics
    Nuts and Volts
    PC Gamer
    PC World
    PC Magazine

    Cheers. Mike. :)

  5. we know its not PC World or PC Mag…hmmm he’s not denying that it could be Wired–but if it is Wired it is hidden!…
    Is it a long featured article about this certain website/service or is it a short one pager?

  6. @Mike LOL You have to name the magazine, and then name the website that the article talks about. I work 9PM-5AM at a local grocery store as part of the night crew. I stock shelves all night long. The retail industry blows so don’t get me started on that.

    @Zac Davis It’s definitely not Wired magazine. And you have to guess the right one as well as the name of the website the article discusses.

    @Sierra It is neither of those two. The magazine is within Mike’s list that he wrote up above.

    By the way, I checked the website of the magazine to see if it was published online and its not. I guess the article was too small to make an appearance on their website.

  7. @Zac Davis So you are getting close. Look forward to seeing if you can discover it and send in the picture or screenshot. The magazine is not priced at $15.00 so there is a few bucks to be made.

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