Bugroff Welcome To The AntiSocial

I found this image and site mentioned on TheGlobalGeekPodcast blog and thought it was so hilarious, that I would share it here as well. It’s interesting that I just read a blog post over at ChrisBrogan.com that discussed the overall feeling that social media was nothing but a waste of time. Then, I took a visit to Michael Baileys site and checked out his post, showing off his ability to disconnect himself from MySpace and Facebook.

I smell a battle of all battles brewing within the interwebs. Social vs AntiSocial. Wisdom of crowds vs Wisdom of one. A realization that, just by having an account on all of these services that appear to be a boon for companies is simply not enough. Although you try and try to garner friendships online, nothing compares to a real-world friendship/relationship. Using Twitter and other social outlets becomes a fruitless attempt of being heard as you find out no one is listening because your’re seemingly not important enough.

Let me know what you think.

Click the image to see the full size.

5 thoughts on “Bugroff Welcome To The AntiSocial

  1. Uhm – yeah.

    If you ever want to stand out in a group, just do what everyone else isn’t doing.

    Or, looking at this another way, and the real (only) reason I dropped out, is because I want to regain a portion of my life.

  2. A quote I remembered that applies to many Facebook and MySpace lovers:

    “Just remember you’re unique… just like everyone else.”

    I joined most of those social networks, but the novelty wore off after a few weeks when I got sick of being given virtual beers or non-stop pokes.

    Real life friends are the best. So is real life beer for that matter!

  3. I almost feel stuck in social networks at times. I have a BUNCH of friends on myspace that I haven’t talked to in years and if I were to delete my MySpace account I wouldn’t talk to for many more years.

    So if I want to stay in contact I’m stuck.

  4. Because of my lack of real-world friends, I don’t know if I can maximize the value of social networks. I’m on Facebook but because I don’t know anyone on Facebook, it’s like a moot point.

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