Microsoft Updates Live Search Engine

MSLiveSearch LogoMicrosoft has updated is LIVE search engine today. The updates were focused around the core search technology as well as the vertical search areas of entertainment, shopping, local and health. Collectively, these improvements mark a quality milestone based on the company’s focus on delivering a better search experience for consumers and advertisers.

Here are some of the updates which were covered.

  • Over fourfold increase in index size.
  • Substantial improvements in understanding queryintent.
  • Significant enhancements to core algorithms.
  • Increased focus on query refinement.
  • New Web data extraction model.
  • Expansion of Rich Answers.

Additional improvements to the service include a new, cleaner user interface that makes the results pages easier to read and use; a more robust Answers platform that provides instant access to information from trusted sources while increasing relevancy; and organization of results pages based on the high-interest search verticals of entertainment, shopping, local and health on one page.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Updates Live Search Engine

  1. It’s great to see another search engine make some strides. I am a fan of as well, but the index just isn’t there. I just hope once starts indexing a bit more (like they have here), people will finally head over and start searching a bit more. Of course, they need to keep improving their algorithm though.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Gary and leaving your input. I am still a fan of Google but occasionally I use AltaVista. Will there ever be another search engine to rise from the ashes to take Google’s place or at least go head to head with them?

    What do you think of these new User Generated Search engines like Maholo

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