NetScape Nav Contest Winner Announced

Netscape has officialy announced the winner of their NetScape Navigator 9 Splash Screen Logo Constest. The winner is Mario Herbert who designed the following graphic.

Mario Herbet Designs Winning Entry

This winning entry will end up being the default splash screen for Netscape Navigator 9. I can’t believe people still use Navigator as their browser. Someone explain that one to me.

If you ask me, the text on this splash green design is just a bit too blurry. I would of preferred to see a sharper looking design although the ships wheel and the logo do have a nice touch to them.

2 thoughts on “NetScape Nav Contest Winner Announced

  1. Omar says:

    Well, it looks great to me. It really reminds me of the classic Navigator that EVERYONE used a few years ago. From what I saw of the contest on Netscape/Propeller, they didn’t give the contestants any graphics to work with, so they must have tried to pull the logo and the name directly from the site. I suspect the development team will cleanup the text and ensure the correct fonts are used etc.

  2. Hello Omar, thanks for stopping by. The best part of this image for me is the bottom half with the logo and such. I’d love to see this design with a cleaner or sharper looking font/text.

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