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You Comment I FollowI just wanted to let everyone know that after reading Brad’s post on getting rid of the “No-Follow” attribute within comments, I have installed the Do-Follow Plugin.

This plugin removes the No Follow attribute that is usually attached to links that commenter’s leave. Since that is no way to treat a commenter, those links can now provide you with a few more drops of Google Juice. If your a fellow blogger, do your audience a favor and install the Do-Follow plugin, which gives people one more reason to stop by and leave a comment.

17 thoughts on “You Comment I Follow

  1. So you just want a free link to your site the Chris?! Kidding!

    Nice one Jeff! I think it makes more sense to remove it now that spam filering has gotten so much better over the last few years.

    We can all use more inbound links ;)

  2. Nice. I’ve actually been trying out another plugin lately called CommentLuv that looks for the RSS feed of the commenter and posts the title of his/her latest blog post at the bottom of the comment. Looks interesting actually. Nice way to thank your commenters.

  3. @Brad It was easy to install. One of those ACTIVATE then FORGET ABOUT IT kind of plugins. As you said, spam filtering has gotten to a point where I think it is practical to remove the no-follow attribute from the links of commenter’s.

    @John Kolbert I’ve seen that plugin a number of times when performing a search on the plugin database for commenting plugins. It does look interesting and I may look into implementing it into my site. I’ll browse around your site later today to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment John.

  4. Hmmmmm! Might check this out.

    Hey Jeffro, as I mentioned in the Chit Chat, it would be great if you had a post dedicated to nice WP plugins you came across.

    Or maybe you do already but I haven’t seen it?

  5. @MikeHmm. I write about the ones I think are cool when I come across them. Maybe I should write a post which covers each plugin I’m currently using on this site. Thanks for the idea Mike.

  6. No probs! How great is this. Near realtime chat through comments. :)

    Yeah, I’d be interested to read about each plugin. I might start collecting a list too.

    Also, I noticed you have meta tags on your site, which mine didn’t have by defauly. Namely ‘keywords’ and ‘description’ ones.

    I’m guessing your description is derived through: . Was keywords done manually, a plugin?

    Also, I noticed that WP 2.3 allows for tagging when you make a post. Is there a way to retrieve those tags and add them to the keywords meta tag? like:

    <meta name=’keywords’ content=’GENERIC SITE CONTENT ‘ /> so it adds them to the start or end of the keywords. This way each individual post has the generic keywords, plus the specific keywords you entered as tags when making the post.

    Hope that made sense. :)

  7. @MikeI’ll cover those aspects of my site once I write that article.

    As for the other question. I believe the ALL IN ONE SEO pack plugin does this but I’m not sure. Most of the tagging plugins had to be re written because of the native tag support added into wordpress 2.3 I’d look into that plugin first as I believe that was one of it’s features before 2.3

  8. nice to see another do follow blog :)
    AFAIK it doesnt affect your blog s PR ,so why some guys keep their comments no follow ,some even charge their commentators to remove that tag (Hint – guy with car on his logo )

    By enabling Dofollow you create a gud impression nd faith in your visitors that you ( blog owner ) increses user interaction , which the blogging all about

    ya commentluv is nice plugin too :)

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