Add Google Ajax To Your WP 404 Page LogoI think I have finally found an easy solution for my WordPress 404 page. The plugin is called AskApache Google 404.

This plugin after being installed, will display an Ajax powered Google search box. This search box will automatically perform a search for Jeffro2pt0 or the text contained within the link that generated the error. The Google search bar contains tabs for finding blog posts, videos, images, and results from across the web.

Now, instead of generating a simple error message with no way of finding what it is the browser was looking for, this plugin gives me a chance to offer the search bar to visitors who can at least ATTEMPT to find what it was they were looking for. I’ve also heard that by using this Google search bar, Google would be more appreciative to my site in terms of SEO, but I have no definitive proof.

If your a WordPress user and you don’t have a helpful 404 page, give the Apache Google 404 Plugin a try. It’s very easy to install and in the end, your visitors will be appreciative that you provided a way for them to try and find what it was they were looking for.

Click Here To Test The Plugin

And by the way, Hello to all of you who have STUMBLED across this page. By all means, take your shoes off and make yourself at home. 

9 thoughts on “Add Google Ajax To Your WP 404 Page

  1. Now that is use full. I like it I was wondering what to do after changing my website to a blog the error codes are not good. I’m going to install now

    Thanks Pete Balasch Jr
    Hey I found some more rss feeders

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have asked the plugin author who the sponsored links part of the plugin is linked to. I just want to know for informational purposes if this plugin author is making money off of every plugin installation.

  3. Jeffropt0,

    That is a really great question that I had to search awhile to find. The answer is because this Search API is still so cutting-edge new, Google is the only one making any money from these Ads. It is still pretty beta now, but in the future it will very likely have the features we want. It is against the TOS to remove the ads, and currently you cannot hook your own AdSense account into the Search API. You can however use css to re-position the sponsored links.. like:

    .gsc-control .gsc-ad-box {padding-top:100px;}

    According to Does the AJAX Search API contain advertising?

    Yes. The Web Search results may include up to 2-4 clearly marked sponsored links. There are currently no ads displayed among the News, Video, Maps, or Blog Search results. If you’re interested in earning money for displaying relevant Google ads on your site, you can do so with Google AdSense.

  4. I installed the WordPress pluggin “AskApache Google 404” but it does not appear to be working properly. I think it is because I am not sure where to install the item listed in step 5

    5 Add the code to your 404.php template page by including in your main content area.

    Sorry to be such a techno idiot but I do not fully understand where I am to install the text “”

    You say in my main content area but I am not sure where that is. Should I include the “” showing? Can you please elaborate so a dummy like me can understand?

    For now I have deactivated the pluggin. I am using the latest version of WordPress

    Thanks Frank

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