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For those of you having trouble finding so called ‘friends‘ on twitter, your in luck. Using TwitterAdder, you can now have 20 random people added as friends to your account.

TwitterAdder is the newest guy in the bunch to use the Twitter API. After you login to their site using your username and password, TwitterAdder then takes 20 random people and adds them to your friends list. I’m not going to give this service a try since I recently figured out how I want to use Twitter effectively. However, if you end up giving the service a try, let me know how the results turned out.

3 thoughts on “TwitterAdder 20 Random Friends

  1. I have used this service for my twitter accounts, however not my main account. I find it adds a lot of people who don’t speak english, or who are bots, since what it really does is takes a look at the public timeline, and looks at those usernames, and adds them.

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