Ask Me A Question Via Qwizzy LogoWhile browsing Steven Hodsons blog, I noticed an interesting widget on his site that displayed questions he had been asked, followed up with his answers. I thought this was a novel idea and a way for me to communicate directly with my readers. was created by Adam Ostrow, Contributing editor for and Peter Franza, a distinguished computer engineer. Both founders currently reside in Virginia.

Qwizzys founding principle, is that you should question everything. In effect, thats exactly what the service allows you to do. After registering an account, you’ll be able to ask any other member a question. Those members then have an oppurtunity to answer your question and the entire experience gives you the sense of a one-on-one personal communication. An excellent way of sharing knowledge without needing to use email.

After joining the service, I took the opportunity to ask Adam, “What is it like writing and working for” It didn’t take him long to respond.

Adam Ostrow: answered: “It’s pretty cool. I actually studied journalism in college so it’s nice to be able to write and get paid for it. The one thing that is hard for me is coming up with topic ideas, and occasionally I’ll get assigned one that isn’t so fun for me.”

Qwizzy provides seperate RSS feeds for Questions and Answers. I wouldn’t mind seeing an RSS feed which combines the two. If you have a question that you’ve been wanting to ask me, join Qwizzy and be sure to add me as a fan All questions and answers will be displayed on the Qwizzy flash based widget, which is now displayed on the left sidebar on this blog.

Qwizzy RSS Feeds

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