Thanks mGarrett For The Link Love Logo

I just wanted to take this oppurtunity to thank mGarret for linking up to this site. Michael Garret is a contributing editor for, a web 2.0 focused blog that seems to be gaining in popularity everyday. Michael is also the Senior Guide for Mahalo, a human powered search engine. As you can already tell, this guy is in the heart of the 2.0 world so if you enjoy the content on my site, be sure to check out his own blog at

5 thoughts on “Thanks mGarrett For The Link Love

  1. Hi Jeff, here is Svetlana from Profy. Wanted to thank you for the link-love in turn :) Judging by your MyBlogLog avatar you are one of our most loyal readers and I hope you will continue to read your tech news on Profy.

  2. Jeff, how could I not stop by? I see incoming links on Technorati and try to thank all the bloggers linking to us in some way (via Twitter, via StumbleUpon or by commenting). It looks to me like an absolutely natural behavior – blogging is about conversation and listening to people and not about being a selfish self-proclaimed expert to share your knowledge domineeringly.

    I am really glad you enjoy Profy content. Thank you for wishing us luck with our project. By the way, it is not all that super secret, it is simply too basic and not ready to show to a large audience, that is why we only work with a handful of beta testers. Have you signed for an invite yourself? I am planning on approving the next batch of invites so you may participate in testing if interested.

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