Protect Or Sell Your Content Via QuickInsert Logo

Kick Adsense to the curb and use to sell content directly to those who want it. Or, use QuickInsert to protect your goodies from prying eyes.

QuickInsert History: is founded by Alex Schliker, who is also the founder of, and Alex is a bootstrapped entrepreneur which is interesting considering most of the other startups have venture capitalists backing them.


QuickInsert harnesses the power of widgets, allowing webmasters or content authors alike to easily plug the service into their site. Copy the content you want to protect and place it into your QuickInsert account. QuickInsert will then provide a line of javascript code which needs to be placed onto your site. One of the nice features of QuickInsert is the lack of having to browse the actual QS site itself, to access protected content.

The Nitty Gritty:

How does it work? QuickInsert acts as a third party content protection service. Once you create an account, any of the content you place into that account becomes known as ‘protected content‘ and is unavailable to non-users. When a user registers on your site, they are presented with a Google Checkout/Paypal page, or their accounts are activated immediately. Once this is complete, users can then access your protected content.

QuickInsert touts the following features:

  • Quick and easy content protection!
  • Hosted content storage
  • One line of code to protect your website
  • Secure storage of your site’s content via SSL
  • Management tools for you and your users
  • Payment gateway support for Paypal and Google Checkout
  • Membership Is Free

Registered QS members will be able to access a fairly decent control panel which gives you all of the options you need to protect your content. From within the control panel, you have the ability to edit gateways, edit sites, edit users, edit content, edit your own account, suggest features and last but not least, pricing options.

How They Say It Works

Adding protected content to QS is like writing a blog post. QS provides a fully accessorized text editor to ensure your content can be properly formatted. I gave the text editor a try by pasting this review as it was formatted in OpenOffice Writer, and the editor did a pretty good job in maintaining the formatting. If you have a document or PDF file that needs to be protected, you can add a download link which will also be protected along with the article. Once your content is copied into QuickInsert, simply click on the javascript button which will provide you the appropriate JS code to add to your site.

My Thoughts:

I think Alex’s idea is a good one but it comes at a time where everyone on the web is expecting everything to be free. Your content also has to be pretty unique for anyone to consider buying it. If you feel your content has what it takes to pay your bills, give a try as it may be the easiest way to manage your protected content.

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